Free Lunch? What's the catch....? Well, there isn't a catch.

We want you to taste our food because we KNOW you'll love it! 

How can you order catering for your entire office without knowing if the food is even good? 

We are currently offering 1 person, 1 free sample lunch per office in Kanata to be delivered on Friday, February 12th between 10:00am - 1:30pm. 

Sample lunch includes 2 half sandwiches (Pig & Fig and Chicken Apple Cheddar), salad and dessert. 

Complete the form below to be added to the list and if you qualify you will receive an email from us with your delivery time. We randomly pull the names of each office from all the names that apply so don't get discouraged if your name doesn't get pulled this time. You can always apply again for the next one. :)


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