Hip Hop and coffee mugs make for the perfect harmony

For those of you that know us, we make food.  Well, food and coffee to be exact. We absolutely love tea and coffee! The only thing that compares is the mugs we put them in. We collect mugs all the time and have to stop ourselves from buying every single one we see. With the new year rolling around we wanted to create some inspirational mugs to compliment the products we offer our customers. So we got to it, creating mugs that we would love to own ourselves.  Inspirational mugs like "Make Today So Awesome That Yesterday Gets Jealous" 

Something else you should know about us is that we love hip hop, all of it, new and old but especially older.  Older than Drake's first album.  Along the lines of the golden era of hip hop of the late 80's and 90's.  Artists like Biggie, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dog, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Eminem, Outkast and more when rappers were actually artists.   The list goes on forever.

We aren't exactly sure how this all happened.  Maybe the first inspirational mugs we made just worked that well (results may vary) but next thing we knew we started rhyming off all these hip hop coffee and tea puns (maybe not rhyming as well as these artists)  Just like that, we created the second collection in our line of mugs. 

Let us introduce you to Notorious M.U.G. 

More of a tea person? Steep Dogg has your back.  

We are releasing these mugs February 1st to anyone that pre-orders them from our site and you can opt for shipping right to your door or pick up in store. Find your mug here http://www.thecookerybistro.com/online-shop/

Did we mention that they are also on Sale! Save $5.00 if you order before January 31st 2016. 

Don't forget to check us out on Instagram, @thecookerybistro and Twitter, @thecookerybstro (there is no "I") for your chance to win a mug of your very own.