3 Tips For Making Your Next Office Catering Easier

If you work at an office you have probably had to sit through a long meeting that stretches through lunch. Your boss wants you to participate in the meeting but all you can think about is how loud your stomach is growling and whether or not Nancy next to you can hear it. 

There is nothing better than meetings where you get lunch included unless you are the one that has to order... Trying to think of where to order from that will make everyone happy and comply with everyone's dietary choices or restrictions is almost impossible. We provide catering to various offices in Kanata and collected the top three pieces of advice we got from some of our regulars. 

Kanata Restaurant

1. Don't give too many options

Less is more right? Giving people too many options to pick from will just make your life impossible. Everyone has an opinion on what they want to eat and you will never be able to please everyone. Our veteran orderers suggest not giving more than 2 options for each then adding in one vegetarian option as well. For example, if you were to order from us we would suggest two meat option sandwiches and one vegetarian sandwich, add in two salad options, one dessert, and 2 drink options, one being water.  

By doing this you will find that people will have fewer objections since they have fewer options. 

2. Pick easy foods to eat

Office lunches don't come with the comforts you find at your dining room table so the food you order should be easy to eat. Sandwiches and salads are convenient for this because they require limited utensils and are easy to eat. 

3. Keep it healthy

The best way to deal with all those dietary restrictions is to order from somewhere that knows every single ingredient in their food. Healthier options make this easier since the majority of the food is made of vegetables, fruits and high-grade cuts of meat. Any good caterer should be able to tell you what items to avoid for the most common allergies like dairy, nuts or gluten. 

Ottawa Healthy Catering

Try these tricks next time you have to make an order for your office and hopefully you'll find that everyone seems a little happier. 

Take Home Taco Tuesday!

Take Home Taco Tuesday!

We keep hearing people ask for take home meals so we want to introduce you to our newest feature, Take Home Taco Tuesday! Swing by the Bistro on your way home and grab Take Home Tacos, warm up for a few minutes when you get home and BAM! Home cooked healthy taco's that everyone will love. 

How We Make Ham

How We Make Ham

From our Bogota pulled pork to the slow roasted chicken we use, it's all made fresh so we know exactly what goes in everything. The most intense meat we make, that also has the most satisfying results, is our cured ham and we wanted to share the process with you so you can see for yourself. 

The Cookery Bistro will be at The Big Love Makers Pop-Up

We have never ventured out of our comfortable little spot in the Kanata Medical building before but the time has come! We are hitting the road and our first stop is The Big Love Makers Pop-Up on February 6th 2016 where we will be serving a selection of sandwiches, salads and vegan hot chocolate. 

If you have been wanting to grab one of our new mugs but haven't been able to make it out to our spot, you'll get the opportunity here. We'll have the full line available for purchase for your Hip Hop lovin' Valentine. 




Here's the details on this event


Let's celebrate Love & Handmade from the 613 (And la belle Provence). 

Its one week out from Valentines day and we are celebrating all sorts of love. We are celebrating the romantic love, and another great opportunity to support small & local. We are celebrating self-love... who better to pamper than yourself? We are celebrating secret love. Send your crush a love note through the mail. We will have a love letter writing station, and the notes will go in the mail on Feb 8th to arrive in time for V-day.

GIVEAWAY! A two pass to le Nordik spa in Chelsea. The perfect day to spend Valentine's Day. Among other vendor giveaways... 

We will have an apres-ski theme lounge to sit in, eat & drink at & play board games (I feel a scrabble show down coming on).

And of course lets show the makers the most love: 

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$5 Admission at the door.

Hip Hop and coffee mugs make for the perfect harmony

Hip Hop and coffee mugs make for the perfect harmony

From Inspirational and motivational mugs to the best hip hop coffee and tea puns, The Cookery Bistro has a mug for you. Located in Kanata, Ontario these mugs are available online for Pre-Order.